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This One’s For The Closet Gamers!

Jun 2018
Whether you’re an occasional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MOBA) gamer or have clocked a good few hundred hours on OverWatch or Diablo III, you’ll be…

Technology alone is not enough

Jun 2018
For much of the last century, STEM disciplines—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—have been instrumental to shaping the world we live in. From the satellites and…

AI is for you and I

Jun 2018
For some people, the term ‘artificial intelligence’ evokes notions of robots working tirelessly in factories or computer screens full of programming code that have nothing…

The Real Change “Makers”

Jun 2018
Are you a “Maker”? It’s a community like no other. And chances are, all of us are “Makers” in one way or another - you…

Top 5 International Talents to watch out for!

Jun 2018
Top 5 International Talents you should watch out for at Campus Party Singapore! Singapore may be a little red dot, but Campus Party Singapore (CPSG)…